Last week, NASS staff attended a meeting with the AMA Advocacy staff to discuss potential legislation to address the SGR in November. Congress must act by November 30 to prevent a 21 percent cut to Medicare reimbursement rates. At the meeting, the AMA announced that it will advocate for a 13 month freeze of current rates and asked physician groups to support the proposal by signing on to a letter which will be sent to congressional leaders during the first week of October.

Pledge to America

Last week, House Republicans released their “Pledge to America”, a fifty page document which party leaders hope will serve as a list of ideas for candidates running in the 2010 elections. In the document, Republicans unveil a plan to repeal the healthcare reform legislation passed earlier in the year, enact medical liability reform, allow Americans to purchase insurance across state lines, expand Health Savings Accounts, ensure access for patients with pre-existing conditions and permanently prohibit taxpayer funding of abortions. To read the entire document, please visit: