This week the Alliance of Specialty Medicine comes to Washington, DC for its annual Capitol Hill Advocacy Conference.  Here, over 100 specialists, representing 100,000 doctors nationwide, will convene to further the Alliance’s goal of making sure federal health care policy fosters patient access to the highest quality of specialty care. The conference will last three days and the Alliance first gathered last night in smaller numbers as designated representatives to its Physician Advisory Council. The Council met to discuss a long range strategic plan for the Alliance and discussed legislative and regulatory priorities.

The long term strategic plan will include ways to raise the Alliance’s profile and increase its membership. The Alliance is a policy driven organization, dedicated to making sure that specialty medicine is front and center in any healthcare debate occurring in Washington. Our current roster of 11 diverse specialties representing 100,000 doctors is an already impressive number, having real firepower to make an impression on Capitol Hill. However, there are still several specialties and sub specialties out there who should really take advantage of what the Alliance has to offer.

I know the Alliance has helped NASS in its Advocacy efforts in Washington D.C., by providing the collective voice and support of a large group of physicians focused on specialty care. Through the collaborative efforts of specialty care working together we can push an agenda that meets the needs of our patients and member physician

– Raj Rao, MD